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Chunky Boy Care

Chunky Boy Care

A super important part of the ergonomics of the Chunky Boy is that it does not budge! It can take a little elbow grease to get them on and off while you get a hang of the technique, but they won’t move an inch! The Chunky Boy is not compatible with hooks made from plastic, wood, silicone, or that already have a built in grip. Aluminum and metal hooks are recommended for best use. If you’re working with an aluminum hook, adding a little oil or cornstarch can help ease the process of getting the hook in or out.

Here’s a link to a Tiktok I made demonstrating the trick/technique for getting them off!



Cleaning Care

If your Chunky Boy picks up dust, fuzz, or hair don’t despair! Simply wipe down your handle with rubbing alcohol, or, if extra sterilization is desired the Chunky Boy is dishwasher safe and just like that it’s good as new!


*Because each handle is handmade in house cosmetic differences between handles does occur but it does not impact the ergonomics or benefits of the Chunky Boy!

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